Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement (Harvest Book)

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Incredible Book - John Lewis chronicles his ascendancy from the backroads of Alabama to the hallowed halls of Congress - an experience which reads more like carefully contrived fiction than real life events. The struggles, the triumphs, the emotions, the meanings are all skillfully woven to create a soon-to-be American classic literary canon, depicting the Civil Rights Movement. Lewis, described as an American treasure, lives up to the title with his intimate details of the renown leaders of the movement and the not-so-well-known heroes, who fought tirelessly and courageously to end the social injustices of the segregated South. Twenty-first century textbook authors would be remiss, if not negligent, by not including the perspectives of Lewis' Walking with the Wind. Amazingly, Lewis remains humble, despite his successes. He is a role model, and more importantly, a 20th Century American hero. Walking with the Wind is a must-read for all.
The best memoir I've ever read - I don't like memoirs. They're usually self-serving, ego-driven and full of cheap shots. Walking With the Wind is none of those. John Lewis and his co-author have crafted a marvelously told tale of the civil rights movement. Perhaps no one but Lewis, King and Abernathy could write about the movement with this scope. Lewis was there for all of it, from jails, to voting, to sit-ins. And he describes it beautifully with the perfect pace.I think the book's best chapters are the ones that cover what happened in Selma. I've read a half-dozen histories of the civil rights movement and none of them have recounted the Selma story better than Lewis does here.Lewis also gives us insight into several other movement leaders. Not even Taylor Branch (the Pulitzer-winning historian and journalist) tells us about Jim Bevel with this much color. Lewis tells fascinating stories about Diane Nash, Stokely Carmichael and the relations between SNCC and the other movement-leading groups...
Walking With the Wind - I thought this one of the best books I've ever read. John Lewis to me is like a Frederick Douglass living today. Lewis in my opinion is right up there with the best namely Dr.King. These men with nothing more than a philosphy, determination, and great bravery led African American people to a new life in this country. I am a benefactor of their work. I was the first black woman hired at the General Motors Tech Center, on the day shift, there was another young woman working on the night shift. The GM TECH CENTER is on Warren, Michigan just outside of Det. Leaders like John Lewis and King and the many grass roots black southerners and the many white and Jewish people who risked and gave their lives are responsible for the much larger black middle class that exist today. I just thank John and all that were involved in the struggle. I never marched, but I am sorry that I did not. I missed contributing to a bit of history that I would love to have participated in today...