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If you had this book 30 years ago... they would kill you. - Very well researched and organized. Technically accurate. Just the right mix of history, technology, and crisp photography to give you that "you are there" feeling.Many of the items Mr. Melton shares are so rare that one would never have the chance to see them (or even know of them) were it not for this book. The "fine wire kit" is one example of this.The Ultimate Spy Book is not just for espionage groupies either. Ages 8 to 80+ everyone will find it fascinating.
This is an extraordinary account of espionage! - I would like to consider myself an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction pertaining to the world of espionage. In light of this, I, having read many, many books on the topic, would have to rate this as quite possibly the best. Though many other books have been written in an "encyclopedia" form concerning the Intelligence community and spying, THE ULTIMATE SPY BOOK is very concise, informative, and generally provided me with what I was looking for. Kudos to H. Keith Melton on asuperb book.
Great resource on Cold War tools of the trade! - H. Keith Melton has literally produced "The Ultimate Spy Book!" This book is very informative on not only a large collection of tools of the trade, but chock-full of short write-ups on famous spies and missions performed during the days of spy and counterspy. Everything from silenced weapons to entry devices to sabotage devices. Almost every item listed is accompanied by color photos and a description of the item's application in wartime operations. No matter what your interest in the clandestine world of the Cold War is, this book is a must-have resource!