To See You Again: The Betty Schimmel Story

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A terrifically moving story that celebrates life & love! - When most people think of war or the Holocaust, they probably don't immediately realize the very unique, personal stories that play out against the backdrop of the larger conflict. This book tells several such stories from the point of view of a young woman who was lucky enough to survive the worst kind of horror man can create. The pages not only describe interesting events from the Eastern European campaign of World War 2, but they contain a love story that operates on many different levels. People of the present generation may find the story in its totality hard to fathom, believe or empathize with, but the days lived by the author were during a different time when life was simultaneously cheap and valuable. Betty Schimmel is an incredible woman, and if her husband, Otto, wasn't Jewish, I think he could qualify for Sainthood. Buy this book. You'll learn something important while being deeply touched.
One of the best books about the Holocaust. - Betty Schimmel's book, "To See You Again' is an important slice of history about love found and love lost in the midst of one of the worst tragedies of our time.Her life and world was being tore down around her as the Hitler war machine made its way into Budapest. Yet in the middle of all this turmoil, true love was found and the only thing that could tear it apart was the simple fact that she was Jewish. Her love for Richie Covacs' outweighed her safety, outweighed the gold star she was forced to wear, and eventually, it out outweighed her sanity.My heart ached for Betty the day the SS and the Arrow Cross came knocking at the doors and gathered up what was left of her family. I wanted to spring into the book and help Richies' 'Kis Pofa" (His pet name for her which means: Little face.) Was she ever going to see him again? Would they get married, have children, be in each others arms ever again?"To See You Again" is also a story of the human will to...
Couldn't put it down! - Wonderful story and so very tragic what people went through during that very dark time in history.With all due respect to everyone in the family, I would like to say how very sad that Otto went his whole life loving Betty so deeply and so unconditional.I believe his love for Betty was stronger than her and Richie's love put together.For he endured not only the suffering during the war but, also the suffering of knowing his wife was in love with another man.How lucky she was to have had such a wonderful and loving husband.Otto was the kind of husband most women pray for. She was very fortunate woman!However, my heart DID go out to her and her pain, I just felt the happiness she was searching for was always right there beside her.