To Hell and Back (Military Classics Series)

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Better Than The Movie! - There is something compelling about the movie version To Hell And Back which I first viewed as a boy in the 1950s. Perhaps it was the fact that the star was the hero himself "replaying" some of his own wartime experiences. Over the years, the movie has appeared repeatedly on television, and almost routinely on the History Channel. I've watched it many times. The movie, however, pales by comparison to Murphy's actual Medal of Honor citation. Now that I finally have read his book, the citation itself seems to offer only a fraction of the story behind his guts,determination, and eventually the horrible memories he endured until his untimely death in a plane crash. It makes me shutter to think of myself as a combat veteran from Vietnam compared to what men like Audie Murphy had to endure for the duration of their tours in World War II. But, it also makes me realize that war for frontline troops has changed little from one generation to the next. This ought to be...
Excellent and worth reading - At first I was skeptical about the book. It is obviously ghostwritten. However, the ghostwriter is talented, his style a synthesis of Hemingway and Mickey Spillane. And Audie Murphy has a great and heroic tale to tell. Murphy's war is a lot different than say Eisenhower's and Patton's. Murphy became a master at small unit infantry tactics. He was one of the men. Ike and Patton were masters of strategy and were not really part of the men. What Murphy's story also illuminates is it is often just pure chance whether a soldier survives a war. Two pals of his were wounded in the right spots. Another had his heart pierced by a small shell fragment. Another buddy trusted a group of Germans faking a surrender and received a chest full of German lead for his trouble. For all those who liked the fictional "Battle Cry", you will like this book.
Gut zu lesen - Einmal eine andere Seite des 2. Weltkrieges. Gut beschrieben. Wirkt authentisch. So wie ich das gelesen habe, hatten es Männer die Früh an die Front gekommen sind am schwersten.