"Titanic": An Illustrated History

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A Very Good Book Indeed - This is a very good book about the Titanic for several reasons. First, the illustrations are varied, numerous, and very interesting--and they are printed on high-quality glossy paper which is pleasant to the eyes and the hands. Second, the information is thorough without being repetitive. Third, the writing is professional and eloquent yet extremely easy and quick to read, very unencumbered by a verbose or dry style. This is a very good all-around book about the Titanic--thorough, entertaining, bittersweet.
A really COOOOOOOL book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This book is right beside me this very moment. My favourite pictures are on pages 135, 136, & 204. 1st one is where the water bursting through the glass dome & throughout the room. 2nd one is where the Titanic is at the angle where it will break in half. The last is the remains of the shattered stern on the ocean floor. Now that picture sort of saddens me because having plans to start a new life and having it shattered in the worst disaster ever known to mankind. From the first word to the last, I kid you not, but I prefer this book to you. TITANIC BUFF HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The research ship on pages 208 & 209 was used in the movie "TITANIC"!) Nearer My God To Thee!
The best single book for Titanic history and pictures! - If you buy only one book about the Titanic, this should be the one! I bought it over a year ago primarily as a visual supplement to "A Night to Remember," because of the great Ken Marschall paintings and the many pages of photos of Titanic and related artifacts. However, I became enthralled by the superb book-length text by historian Don Lynch, which is well worth the price all by itself. Walter Lord's book focused primarily on the night of the sinking, but this book tells the whole story of Titanic, from her conception and construction to the post-disaster inquiries and recovery efforts and the discovery of the wreckage, in addition to an engrossing minute-by-minute and lifeboat-by-lifeboat account of the sinking itself. By James Cameron's own account, this is the book that inspired The Movie. Buy the hardcover if you can, since you'll want to look at it over and over again.