The Seamstress: A Memoir of Survival

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WOW!!! - This is an exceptionally well told personal narritive of the holocaust because not only does seren write about her experience in Ravensbrok, but she also writes of her family struggles and of her prewar and postwar adventures. Do not leave this book sitting in the bookstore, I mean, they didn't kill innocent trees for nothing!!!
Exceptional - The best memoir about the Holocaust I have ever read--bar none. The angst of being torn from a pleasant, if not privileged, life and the rigours of surviving all the degrading and humiliating tortures and deprivations of the camps is told in such riveting detail. Sarah's amazing strength and cunning is remarkable. That she could make it into such a well told story, is more amazing still. This will always be one of my favorite books. I found it very inspirational.
Triumph of Spirit - The Seamstress was a compelling story of survival and strength of the human spirit. The speaker of this book has an uncommon tenacious quality. As a Holocaust survivor she gives an angle on her experiences that you don't get from fiction. When you read fictional stories about important events the characters seem to lack a certian depth or belief factor that makes the story seem like that could not have really happened, or that it is very unlikly. In The Seamstress there seems to be a horrible factor about the war and the Holocaust that as a reader you do not understand how people could do this to other people. In the back of your mind you have to believe, though you can't have empathy for what incredible expierences that they have lived through. The sometimes simple and sometimes detailed description adds spice to the reading. Throughout this book you soon realise that Seren Tuvel is one who, because of her older sister roles, is the planer and caretaker of those around...