The Invention of Wings

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Dieses Buch hat positives Feedback vom Leser, unten sind hilfreichste Bewertung für Ihre Überlegung :
Amazing book - Couldn't put it down. Thrilling from beginning to end. I felt like I was there with them. Had to remind myself to breath sometimes.
Interesting biography - about two sisters of the South. The story is set in the beginning of 19th century and tells the ways of two famous US female speakers of abolism and women's rights. Nice to read, interesting story about the deep south and slaverism and the difficult faughts against establishment. Good to read: The insights into the quaekers point of views and queer approach to morality. An entertaining piece of work, good language. I enjoyed.
Overrated - Since this book was highly rated I decided to buy it. Well, to be honest, I am disappointed. This novel did not strike me as original and the author's writing style was amateurish and annoying. In addition, the story was too simple. Every time I thought that something was going to happen, the author chose to not let it happen: she always chose the easy way out. I have read better novels about slavery and abolitionists. The Help, for example, was a wonderful read compared to this one. The praises this novel has received are unmerited. This was my first and last novel by Sue Monk Kidd.