The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life in God

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"The Divine Conspiracy" changed my life! - Dr. Dallas Willard has peered into the glorious canyon of the heart and mind of God - and in his book he tells us not what he has read about, but what he has personally seen. Thus, this book was not written by a scribe but by a prophet. It smacks of another dimension that is all around us, also known as the kingdom of the heavens. We learn we're made for this "other" world, that our souls long for it, and that we're never at rest until we're fully oriented in this invisible, but real, dimension. This explains why most people live lives of "quiet desperation". The whole point of the book is that humans were made for a superiour hidden reality and that Jesus uniquely stands as both the Gatekeeper and Guide because, as a fact, only Jesus has experienced this hidden country. In his role as Sacrificial Lamb he lets us in the Gate, but in his role as Master Teacher, he is our Guide to living life - here and now. We learn that for years we've ignored...
Beyond Amazing! - When I began to read this book, I assumed that Richard Foster was simply being extravagant and indulgent in the forward- lining up this book with the writings of Wesley, Luther & Augustine. He was NOT! The treatment of the texts, in both grammatical and contextual examination (the centerpiece of systematic theology), is astounding. But what is most amazing is the incredibly common-sense attack he makes on application of the "kingdom among us", the "heavens" and the beatitudes. Even great writing can rarely change a persons beliefs- this book will! "Divine Conspiracy" will not only force you to examine your own prejudices on many texts, it will call you to action. The absolute best book, outside the Bible, I've read!
By grace, we can join the conspiracy and touch the eternal - This book levels the playing field for all of us and extends an almost irresistible invitation to join the Divine Conspiracy. By grace, we can choose to enter the hidden kingdom of God. We can become coconspirators with the Father through Jesus, present with us in his Spirit, and be empowered by God's lavish love to overcome evil with good, as Jesus himself did. We thereby become co-laborers with Him to bring His kingdom on this earth into our present reality. In that reality we begin to see, through glass darkly, our relationship to eternity. We begin to understand our lives as a process of character transformation into an evermore joyful life now and, as preparatory to passing, with wild anticipation, into eternal life when the tent of our flesh is torn down.While to read this book is to have my beliefs and the reality embraced through them revealed and challenged, the challenge is offered with the graciousness I have come to associate with Dallas Willard. He! is a man...