The Civil War Volume III: Red River to Appomattox

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The best of Civil War writing. - If you are at all interested in civil war writing, or great historical writing, read this three vol. set. Although I spent all summer reading it, I plan to read it again at least once more. Foote mentions that the civil war involved almost 10,000 individual engagements, I would imagine he mentioned most of those in his tome and gives in depth narrative and analytical treatment to all of the significant battles, decisions and strategic situations that defined the civil war period. Believe it or not, its a great beach book. The writing is that good.
Powerful and eloquent; a must for all Civil War enthusiasts! - Shelby Foote's "The Civil War: A Narrative" has been described by critics and readers alike as "...a classic of its kind." Written over a period of twenty years, these three volumes tell the story of America's most tragic and divisive era with powerful and eloquent prose.Shelby Foote takes the reader on a long journey (over 2,800 pages!) , weaving personalities and events into a seamless narrative. I expected some tedious reading from a work of this size, but,Foote's sparkling prose kept my interest through all three volumes. Many events (for example, Grant's seven failures on the Mississippi River as he attempted to get his army below Vicksburg) which are described only briefly in other Civil War histories are given full treatment here. Major battles and minor skirmishes (especially the battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg), fairly leap, in all their horror, from the pages at the hands of this gifted writer.Foote presents the Civil War...
worth every detail--compellingly readable--thanks, Shelby - Perhaps the greatest accolade I heard of Shelby Foote's involvement with the PBS mini-series "The Civil War" was the admiring comment that he seemed to have been there. I feel very much the same way about this epic 3-volume set. McPhearson's "Battle Cry of Freedom" may be the standard one-volume history of the Civil War, and a fine work it is, but it offers nowhere near the feeling of proximity to people and events as does this massive labor of love. Foote is so good at so many of the writer/historian's crafts that combine to make this trilogy essential Civil War reading. His skill at bringing a novelist's eye to this material has already been frequently noted. But he also has a wonderful way of giving a reader the feeling for the terrain on which battles were fought, for the ebb and flow of those battles, for the character of the men involved (and what characters! the proud, obstinante Jeff Davis, the rugged, unwashed Grant, the patrician Lee, the...