The Black Hole

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Very Interesting Book. - First of all i want you to know that your Book THE BLACK HOLE had catched my breath. It's one of the books that makes my thinking what happens in the world.A few times I felt so sad because It became clear to me that I thought so naively that something like this can't happen in the reality. I'm very Interested in politics and in the future I want to change the stupid things that are going on.So this Book leads to my decission to study Politics ..The Black hole no 1 Book abaut dert work of CIA around the world.I know i'm not alone in saying i admire you for your courage to speak out about Bush & his evil CIA .
Sceptical? Don't be. - As an Investigative journalist I am always interested in these "true stories", I suppose I am sceptical of most. Having done some background work on the CIA, rendition flights and covert prisons, I am convinced that what this man has said in his book is true. It has long been the policy of the American administraion be it Bush's or other, to deny first and then admit the truth, it will therefore not be too long, a year or so until everything contained in The Black Hole will be confirmed. I myself made a few enquiries to the Austrian government and the CIA with regards to this book, not surprisingly they made "No Comment" which in itself is an indication that they are aware of his existence. As for the author's motives, well yes it is a great read and maybe he will sell a ton of books, but he seems to be donating his profits to a children's hospital so maybe money isn't the goal, maybe just to be heard is.
Latif Yahia!! - As with most people in the world Latif Yahia's name was somewhere in my subconsious attached to, of course, Uday Saddam Hussein. It was only after I heard Mr. Yahia on a national radio show here in Ireland ( the Gerry Ryan radio show) that I became truly aware of him and his real story. I trawled all of the better known bookstores in Dublin in search of "The Black Hole" but with no luck, for whatever reason the Irish paperback market chose to exclude this book from their inventory, maybe it's because he's not Maeve Binchy, no offence Maeve. In the end I found it on Arcanum Publishing's website and finally here, I could not put it down, I was entranced at what this man had been through, I thought that what he had suffered in Iraq would be the end of it, I was wrong. My eyes were opened wide to the injustices that exist here in the West, they may not be as great as those perpetrated in other areas of the world but that does not make them excusable.I was particularily...