Strike Eagle: Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War (The Warriors)

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Strike Eagle: A Brilliant Book - This book has brought me hours of enjoyment as I have read it three times. It is hard to get enough of the real-world action that this book delivers. I would recommend it as an addition to anyone's library.
Good, as a journalistic story - l bought the book thinking the author had been a F-15 pilot. lt turned out he only interview many pilots and put a story together, as many journalists/writers do. l personally prefer stories told by those who experienced them.lf you approach to it as a historic novel, then the book is fine. l got lost by the so many different names mentioned, but it didn't really matter when it came to following the story which, by the way, it's well set: it has a well demarcated beginning and end; a clear story hit me how, at the beginning, all these pilots want to go to war but, once they're deployed, it seems all they think of is to come back home ASAP. That is not the spirit l found in other books, like "Viper Pilot", for example. Those 'Viper' pilots all seemed 'bad-asses' who wanted to accumulate as many combat hours as possible, not matter what or how.l found out facts about this specific conflict that were horrible to read (as Iraqi 'Hind'...
Brutally realistic account of life in the Strike Eagle! - As a former F-15E WSO in the 336TFS depicted in this book, I can say with absolute confidence that this is a totally accurate account of the Strike Eagle in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Mr. Smallwood took great pains to interview as many of us that flew the aircraft as was humanly possible and he has MORE facts than the Air Force in terms of the leadership problems and difficulties in fielding a new aircraft with new crewmember in a combat situation. This book brought back laughs, sobs and the very smell of being in the jet! He described instances that I was involved in as if he were standing there when it happened. If you ever looked at the F-15E and wondered what it would be like; read this book! It is very accurate and reflects the emotions of going off to "war" and being in combat. All of us that flew the aircraft salute Bill Smallwood for his insight and commitment to accuracy.