Stepping heavenward. By E. Prentiss.

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A great read on womanhood! - This book was exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to know how to grow in my faith as a woman, but didn't want a dry book with a list of steps to follow. This fictional book is basically a "How-to-be-a-Christian-woman" book without that sort of title or a list of 10 non-applicable steps to accomplishing that task. It was exciting to watch Katy grow from a typical teenager into mature womanhood and note how her trials and joys changed her and made her into a woman of God who could accept whatever was brought her way.
Should be required reading in every Christian school - I thought I was a well read Christian, but I had never even heard of this book. A dear friend recommended it, saying it had helped her in her spiritual growth and progress.I was not able to find this book anywhere in the St. Louis area libraries, so I purchased this copy.About the book - I found it to be an incredibly helpful resource in gaining a deeper understanding of our spiritual mission on this earth. And it is a very interesting book.The author really lays her heart on the line - and tells in wonderfully frank language how hard it is to truly live the spiritual axiom - "Not my will - but thine be done."And it also sums up Maya Angelou's maxim that "we are all more alike than we are different.""Stepping Heavenward" was so close to my own life that I felt compelled to keep reading it and find out how everything turned out! I read the book in two days, snatching every spare moment I could to race back to the...
theologically challenging- another perspective - Dittos on all the other reviews- but an added note: Katy's "resignation" to the "will of God" may cause many to review their understanding of that revealed will (from scripture). I try not to be a "name it, claim it", selfish modern charismatic, BUT I do believe divine healing is in the atonement, and that we are healed as we are able to receive that gift according to our faith. (This is exampled and directly commanded time and again in scripture.) I applaud and desire the kind of submission to the divine will displayed by Katy, but readers please bear in mind, God HAS revealed many things concerning His will to us in scripture. We must bear all things- indeed, as we endure temptation- but that temptation is clearly stated as not coming from the hand of God. Believing as I do in God's will to heal does not take away the need to trust Him just as fully when I am sick, especially if that healing does not spring forth...