Rise to Power (The David Chronicles Book 1) (English Edition)

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The best of historical fiction - Wonderfully epic, this novel swept me into those long forgotten times of biblical struggles and search. The story of King David told by the King himself, and in such delightfully light, conversational style, in the first person. It took me by surprise. Somehow I did not expect to hear the words of the famous king himself. I'm used to others describing him.From the first page, this story drew me in and didn't let me go. Epic in its proportions, but so delightfully friendly in style, so easy to read, it made me connect with its characters right away, David himself, Michal, Saul and Yoav, and so many others. The best of historical fiction, in my opinion.Who was this David? The slayer of Goliath? A gifted court entertainer? A cunning fugitive? A traitor to his people or a savior? Or maybe a ruthless power-grabber? Told in his own words, his story made much more sense, showed the man behind the stone statue and the biblical interpretations.A wonderfully refreshing read!
A Masterful Adaptation of an Old Testament Story - I've been a fan of Uvi Poznansky for quite a while. Her books are beautifully written, emotionally engaging, educational - in a good way! - and always thought-provoking and very very interesting.This adaptation of a familiar story from the Old Testament is unique and feels very modern. From the very first line of the prologue, the story drew me in, partly because of the masterful use of the first person by the author, and partly because of her engaging writing style. The scene of King David as a prisoner trying to escape and tell his story to liberate his soul is compelling and highly readable.And then the story gets even better. Like all Uvi Poznansky's books, this one has crisp and engaging dialogue, well-drawn characters and a unique plot. It was interesting for me to see the events from King David's perspective and trace his journey from childhood to maturity and right into today's time, making the story relevant and engaging for today's readers. In...
5 stars - This is a highly enjoyable telling of the story of David written by a wonderful writer. Is it true to the legend? Depends on how you see the legend. Is it true to the vision of the author? Yes, and that's what makes it so good. Highly recommended.