Report from Engine Co. 82

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Wow! - This book is absolutely amazing. I started reading it because I was down to the deadline on choosing a book for a school report and now I'm sure I had the best book in the class. Smith takes you into the depths of a huge fire where you can actually feel the heat and choke on the smoke and then the next moment makes you feel his frustration when he takes you to his tenth malicious false alarm of the night. I have a whole new respect for the firefighters in my community and thank God that I have them. Not untill I read this book did I fully understand exactly what firefighters do. I am totally and compleatly amazed!
An outstanding look at the career of firefighting - This book, when I first read it in the 70's as a kid, cemented my desire to be a firefighter. It went past the gleaming paint and chrome and really showed me the grit of the job; that it wasn't always the glorious one I had envisioned but more of a thankless one. Dennis Smith's vivid imagery makes you feel like you're in the battle right there with his company. It also shows the toll that firefighting takes on it's participants, the physical as well as the emotional scars the job leaves. Smith takes you through his personal life, discussing his humble childhood and the effect his career has on his adult life.All in all, a wonderful story that grabs you at the beginning and doesn't let go until the last page.
The most accurate and heartfelt account of firefighting - I was in seventh grade in 1978 when I first read Report From Engine Co. 82, and no book I've read since has ever had as profound an effect on me. Dennis Smith and his brother firefighters on Intervale Ave. inspired me and, I'm sure, many others to become firefighters. The book is gripping and "in-your-face", taking you into some of the most dangerous and frustrating working conditions imaginable.I just re-read the book, and doing so rekindled the respect and admiration for the heroes of the FDNY that it originally instilled in me 22 years ago. Recently a friend and I visited "The Big House" in the South Bronx, talked with the firemen, took pictures of the neighborhood, and brought Smith's book to life. The pull box at Charlotte St. & East 170th St. made infamous by Smith's book has been replaced by an ERS box; the crumbling, burning tenaments replaced by suburban looking homes. All that remains of the horrors that took place there in the...