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Buchdeckel von GARDENER

Dieses Buch hat positives Feedback vom Leser, unten sind hilfreichste Bewertung für Ihre Überlegung :
The illustrations are beautiful. - Unique story of a young girl that had to leave her family and live with her rich - hard working uncle. She has a huge heart and is madly in love with gardening. She finds herself searching for a way to make her uncle simle, and she finally does. The way that this author has written this book will amaze you. A great tool for teachers that are teaching their children how to write letters. I've used it and it is a great tool.
This is a wonderful book! - I absolutely love this book! My 5 year old son and I planted a garden this year and I wanted to find a book that helped to reinforce the concept of gardening as not only fun but as a way of bringing beauty and joy into people's lives. I found it with this book. In fact, I read it several times by myself before even reading it to my son and, even after numerous readings, the ending never fails to bring tears to my eyes. I've also been sharing this story with my adult friends and it has touched each one.
Charming and touching. - As young Lydia is sent to live with relatives during this depression-era setting, she writes notes home. She tells of her new life helping her sullen Uncle Jim in his bakery and of her joy in making things grow from the seeds she brings with her from back home. Each colorful double-page illustration reveals intricate details of Lydia's life in the city, and her letters are the only text. Page by page, letter by letter, a quiet theme is revealed until we see the lovely rooftop garden that Lydia surprises Uncle Jim with that finally produces the smile she has been seeking. In the end we see that correspondance, gardening, and family relationships grow and flourish when given careful attention. Pair this lovely book with _Dear Mr. Blueberry_ or _The Jolly Postman_ to study the form of writing through letters. This book is especially perfect for sharing in the spring, and it will be enjoyed again and again no matter the season.