Passing for Normal: A Memoir of Compulsion

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Mothering a Child with OCD/TS - My son has OCD and Tourette Syndrome. It seems almost impossible that a parent could let a child go so long undiagnosed as did Amy's parents, but then I recognized some of her father's insensitive behavior as my own, especially the insistence that order is the cure-all for everything. My son and I are not biologically related - he is adopted, along with his two brothers - but witnessing his struggle has enlightened me on my own behaviors and I am filled with admiration for him as he struggles with "simple" things like a combination lock or keeps on plugging in school. I was especially intrigued by the Afterward. My son is also very allergic to penicillin and may have had strepp as a baby. A wonderful book for parents and teachers of young people who struggle with this condition.
Really helpful and informative - AS a fellow suffer of OCD I found Amy's book top be an informative and affirmative tale of growing up with this disorder. She has put into words many of the things I have though about my problem & recovery. An excellent book to give to a loved one or partner of someone with either Tourettes , OCD or both. This book may serve as an important bridge between those who suffer & their loved ones & friends, who want to know why? & how to help. I applaud Amy's courage and unflinching honesty. Like her, I first encountered OCD in the book "THE BOY WHO COULND'T STOP WASHING" I think her book will serve the same function as this one; by giving a personalized view of how a problem like this feels "from the inside". It will provide help & Hope to many , many people.
An Amazing Account of a Difficult Life - One Sunday afternoon several years ago I was in a busy drugstore at Christmas time looking for the perfect kitty ornament for my niece. Kneeling down searching thru a huge box, I was startled when suddenly a man behind me began to quack. Loudly. In my ear. When I turned to face him, I found an ordinary looking middle aged man who looked miserable about the noise he was making. At the time I was wearing a sweatshirt onto which I had cross stitched a yellow duck with a sprig of holly in its beak. Figuring somehow he was reacting to my shirt, I walked away from the box and started for another part of the store. The quacking stopped. Later, standing on a long check out line, I watched the woman in front of me pull the string on a Christmas toy. Out came the words, "Bah! Humbug!" Not a second later came cries of "Bah! Humbug!" from the quacking man who was now several people behind me on line. It wasn't until I was driving home that I realized what was wrong...