MARINES: VIETNAM WAR (Illustrated History of the Vietnam War, Band 1)

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The centerpiece of my Marine Corps Collection - This is a wonderful book on the Marines. Mainly a historical/traditions book. If you want technical information, get something like Tom Clancy's "Marine". Either way, this book is great. Overall, it is my favorite Marine Corps book. Tons of incredible pictures. Has chapters on history, today and tomorrow's Corps, even a chapter on dress blues. If you are or were a Marine, or just love the Marine Corps, you have to get it. You won't be disappointed.
Great Book - Get it Reprinted Quickly! - A classy book that really does justice to the Marine Corps! I just discovered it recently while browsing and REALLY liked it because the Phantom picture on page 225 was a skillfull "one wheel up" landing by Maj. Carl E.R. Black with me in the back seat as the RIO. See [...] for the story (we touched down twice!) and more pictures of this crash landing. Perhaps the caption will get updated in the next reprint!Our squadron commander (VMFA-314) was Frank Petersen, author of "Into the Tiger's Jaw: America's First Black Marine Aviator - The Autobiography of Lt. Gen. Frank E. Petersen"
More than the battles - the essence of the Corps - This book is a meticulously compiled, beautifully crafted history of our nation's finest military force. It goes beyond the battles and looks at the minutiae that made Marines what they are - from weapons and recruiting posters, to sea stories and folklore, to the heroism and valor that have been hallmarks of the Marine Corps since 1775. Of the many books on this almost mythical institution that I have read, the best by far is this unique and all encompassing volume by one of the Marine Corps most prominent and loving chroniclers. Heritage is the thread that makes the Marines what they are - the tangible link between the first Sea Soldiers and the current Marines even now serving the flag in dangerous places like Kosovo. For those who hold the Corps sacred, this book should become the Holy Grail of Marine Corps histories.