Into The Mouth Of The Cat: Story of Lance Sijan, a Hero of Vietnam

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Courage - I handed a strip map to Lt. Sijan just minutes before he began his last mission and had believed for years that he had been shot down and that perhaps I had failed to mark AAA emplacements or a SAM site on his map. I was relieved to know after so many years that I had no bearing in what happened. I've read many stories of courageous men, but never a story that compares with this one. Lance Sijan is a person that no young person could make a mistake in emulating. It is a book that I plan to give to my young son when he is at an age when he is ready to comprehend the strength of Sijan's character and I hope that he will endeavor to become the kind of man Sijan was. I believe that Sijan's story should become required reading in high school civics class - I think every young person should know what the true meaning of the word "hero" means and what the true connotation of "sacrifice" is.
Courage in every sense of the word - I read this book many years ago and it brought me to both tears and amazement. The author's description of Lance's heroism, family, his classmates and the situations that unfolded around him touched me. I retired from the USAF in '97 but I actually tried to be, in some small way, like Lance throughout my career even though many aspects are not the same; I was enlisted and spent my career in emergency generator power in the Civil Engineers and on top of that I am a woman. But that did not stop me from trying to emulate the honor and integrity that he seemed to have in abundance. As soon as I became resposible to other young airmen in guiding their careers I used the same approach with them as I did for myself. It might not have worked on them all but I know of a few people that it did, myself included. I believe that he would have liked to have known that he made an impact on my personal and military life. Thanks to the author writing the book, for his and his...
A definitive work on the subject of Courage! - Lance Peter Sijan is a hero of our time! His story unfolds in the book "Into the Mouth of The Cat" and we are instantly capitvated by not only his courage in the face of his captors but we are also amazed at his will to survive, and assist his other fellow captives in the Hanoi Hilton Prison. We are so unaware of the heros of the Vietnam War and there were many who displayed great courage and perserverance despite the fact that others viewed the war as unwinnable or corupt. Please read this story and then you too will understand why the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs decided to name their freshman student dorimtory after Capt Sijan, a hero of our time.