Into the Crucible: Making Marines for the 21st Century

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Inspiring! - There are many books that look at the Marine Corps as a phenomenon, as a culture, as a training system, and as a psychology. There are many biographical and autobiographical surveys of those who make up the Corps past and present. However, this book is unique in looking at what has become known as the defining moment in the making of modern Marines -- the Crucible, a 54-hour rigourous test, an obstacle course to beat all obstacles courses, that recruits at the end of their basic training must pass in order to win the title of U.S. Marine.This is the culmination, the capstone of the training. Author James B. Woulfe, now a captain in Marine Corps, who started out in the enlisted ranks in the 1980s, is assistant director of the Drill Instructor (DI) school at MCRD San Diego, the western training ground for Marines (recruits from east of the Mississippi go to Parris Island). Woulfe's book follows a dozen recruits and their DI through the stations of the Crucible.In the...
The Most Unique and Up-to-Date Book on USMC Bootcamp - There are several book available about Marine Corps bootcamp, but this is the only one that reflects the restructuring of recruit training in 1996 that culminated with the addition of The Crucible--the final test that every recruit must complete before receiving his Eagle, Globe, and Anchor and earning the title United States Marine. I went through The Crucible, and this book made me understand its purpose, value, and signficance more than the actual experience itself. Capt. Woulfe has structured this book around the various "events" of The Crucible and explains the historical inspiration behind each event as well as its purpose in recruit training today. Although this book focuses on The Crucible (rather than on bootcamp in its entirety), it is a must-read for anyone about to ship off to bootcamp--reading this book will bring a greater understanding and sense of purpose to the daunting and often chaotic experience of Marine Corps bootcamp. I would also recommend...
Accurate, easy read - The books greatly describes the rigors of US Marine boot camp. I am a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps and have been in for about a year, so I can tell you this book is up to date and accurate. This is another book I read prior to joining and it motivated me. I would recommend this anyone interested in learning what the recruits go through to earn the title of United States Marine. if you want more comments on the Marine Corps or books.