Dreaming of Columbus

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I thoroughly enjoyed Mr.Pearson's beautifully crafted memoir - I lived in the Bronx for many years before I opted for Burlington, Vermont. Michael Pearson's book "Dreaming of Columbus" and his evocative writing triggered many happy memories......some bittersweet.......spending Sunday afternooons in the beautiful Botanical Gardens. I, too, remember Harris Field (and the cool spot). Often took my children there during the warm days in summer. After an absence of 20 years, memories came flooding back. I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Pearson's beautifully crafted memoir.Jennie O'Pray Burlington, Vermont
Excerpts from Port Folio Weekly review - Norfolk's Port Folio Weekly reviewed this book and said: "For Pearson, the world was dominated by the Bronx. And in this beautifully crafted memoir, he has brought that world to life.His recollections of his literary experiences -- set against his memories of everday life on the street -- create a tension that is sustained throughout the book. One gets the impression that he was forever torn between the small world in which he lived and the wide world of his book-fueled imagination.Dreaming of Columbus gives us a brilliantly detailed picture of one boy's life in the Bronx. But to a great extent, it also transcends the particulars of time and place. Regardless of where you grew up, this is a book that will help you see your own past in new ways."
Loved it - Full of Laughter and full of exitement! - I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I, also being Catholic, could relate to the mysteries surrounding "A Nun's Habit" and the almighty ruler. It was enlightening reading about "tricks" boys played and looking back into the 60's & 70's when all was innocent and pranks were silly. The rememberence of the corner drug store and the friends in the neighborhood who felt like a part of your family. The tightly knit friends who went with you through all the ups and downs and growing through the changes in childhood to adolescence; the finally figuring out "what I want to be" and the many roads in life you took to get there. The book was well-written and the expressions that surfaced will stay with me for a long, long time. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kudos to Pearson!