Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need

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Pack This Book Next To Your Non-Wrinkled Suit - This is the only travel guide you will ever need. Dave Barry covers it all in this dynamic (Chapter 5 inside joke) book. His helpful tips are amazingly funny and the brief histories and informational maps are downright hilarious. You cannot help but laugh out loud on almost every page. Thinking about the section on how to speak a foreign language has me chuckling right now. This book will have you rolling in the aisle of your airplane, making a complete spectacle of yourself, but entertaining the other passengers. After all, as Barry points out, air travel is the real reason why birds never look truly relaxed. Neither will you once you see his diagram of how an airplane flies, but, one thing you will do is laugh uncontrollably. You can't help but enjoy this book.
This must be Barry's funniest book... - I, like another reviewer below, was also introduced to Dave Barry through this book. It really is impossible to not laugh out loud while reading it. (Just thinking about it is making me laugh right now.) Some of the highlights of the book are Dave's summary of Walt Disney World ("do not fall out of the tram without first coming to a full and complete stop..."), his thoughts about flying and airports ("...in fact, when travelers aren't walking through the detectors, the security personnel use them to cook their lunch..."), and how to correctly fold a suit for packing (first, lay the suit on a flat surface, such as a tennis court...). Well, I guess I don't do justice to him. The innumerable charts and drawings only make you laugh even more. Be sure to read the Facts at a Glance for all the European countries.
lustiges Buch - Wer Dave Barry bereits kennt wird mit diesem Buch ungefähr das bekommen, was er auch erwartet. Also ein kurzweiliges, charmantes Buch mit witzigen Passagen die nie zu krass, brutal oder obszön sind. Dieses ist sicherlich nicht das beste Buch von Dave Barry, ich aber auf jeden Fall lesenswert.