Crown Duel (Crown Duel / Court Duel) by Sherwood Smith (2002-06-10)

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Simple, delicious, irony - I hate to be one of those blithering idiots who go from one extreme to the next, but Sherwood Smith's writing is absolutely hilarious here deserves a full 5 stars.Meliara Astair is the epiphany of heroines. She pokes sly fun at anything foolish, especially snobbish manners (ie the Marquis of Shevraeth).In this true to the category fantasy, Sherwood Smith makes the reader laugh at Meliara's foolish speeches, cringe at Meliara's crude behavior, and angered at the Marquise of Shevraeth (aka Vidanric) rudeness and cool manners.This is a delectable book; one for all to read.
It's a great book. Leave it at that. - I felt each character as if I were actually her/him and could see everybody's point of view as my own. I was so immersed in the wonderful book that by the time I was done reading it, I felt as though I lived the daring excitment of their lives.Definitely a book for everyone to read.
Not so awesome. - So..where to start? I'm not in the habit of writing reviews, but I figured I might as well begin. I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, classics...I haven't read a book I would give two stars to, yet, yet here I am. Ok, I'll change that, 3 for good effort. Or two and a half? Anyway. I'll just leave it at two.I don't understand how it got such high ratings! I read carefully people's ratings before I buy a book.. I just don't understand. I liked the story and the idea of the characters, but the rest.. Basically, the characters are too bland, somehow. They all fit into their respective roles well, but in a kind of stereotypical way. The main character drove me insane. She is angry and irrational for most of the time, and even though her irrational reasoning is described (from her point of view, of course), it makes no sense sometimes. It's like she strives to be crazy, even though logically she shouldn't be (and she seems to try to be logical half the time, so it's...