Constance: A Story of Early Plymouth

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A fictional diary of a real young girl at Plimoth Plantation - This is a wonderful fictional diary of a real Pilgrim girl named Constance Hopkins. It starts on the Mayflower, but ends in February of 1626. It is one if the few young adult books that takes the reader through the first six years in Plimoth. It is very descriptive, talking about her hopes and dreams for her future, and the future of Plimoth. Another thing that makes this book so great is that all of the characters were real. There was not one fictional character, unlike most other young adult books about Plimoth. It is also a coming of age story, as she struggles with the pains of growing up. I think it is THE best book of its kind. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Plimoth, or to anybody who would like to see what growing up in the seventeenth century, in the New World, was like.
A childhood favorite - I first read this book in the fourth grade when we were studying the Pilgrims. Since then I have read it 6 or 7 more times.There are many accounts of early Plymouth, but few are aimed towards the young adult market. ONe of the best things about his book is that it is told through the eyes of (actually the diary entries of) a young woman, Constance Hopkins. For once we hear the classic tale of the Pilgrim, but with a different spin. Through Constance's eyes we learn of life on the Mayflower, the great illness that struck the Pilgrims when they first arrived at Plymouth, their first encounters with the Indians, and more. Not only that, but it is a coming of age tale that all young girls can relate to.This book is a mixture of history, adventure, and romance - all of which combine to make a wonderful book.
The best book I have EVER read! - The reason I had at first read the book was becasue I had to for a project in 7th grade. I first started to read it, and I could not put it down! The report was due in a month and I read the book in 2 days! That was 2 years ago, and every time I read it, I still can not put it down! My advise for any young reader is to read this book. I love the structure and the style of writting. Patricia Clapp wrote this story for the person with a great imagination, and for the dreamer, because you can actually picture the story so vibrantly and vividly. How you can imagine the boat leaving the docks, how cramped it is on the ride over, the sickness, the suffering, the fun, the love, you can see it all. Clapp made me want to be around during this time period to experence the lifestyle of it. To actually see how it was then, and to see it better then she has shown me. To sum it all up, I love it and I think that anyone who loves to read, loves a good romance for a young readers,...