CLEAR THE BRIDGE (Bantam War Book Series)

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Exciting and informative - This book ranks with "Killer Angels" as one of the ten best of all time books on the experience of war. Written in the first person from first hand experience, it is entertaining, engrossing and, in the descriptions of confrontation and battle, riveting. O'Kane's skill and determination were matched by an extraordinary sense of adrenalin boosting nerve under fire in the face of almost overwhelming odds.The almost seamless integration of the crew, from Captain, through Exec and down thru the lowest ranking member of the team is admirable and would seem to belong more to the realm of fiction than reality. If it were not so fully documented, it would hardly be credible.A must read for war buffs, and anyone who loves adventure and suspense; Twentieth Century war when it was still "seat of the pants" and at the inception of modern technology
Exciting, real submarine action - Rear Admiral O'Kane (Medal of Honor, threeNavy Crosses), has taken us along on theexciting combat patrols of the hottest warshipunder the sea, the U.S.S. Tang.Tang was probably bureaucratically deprived ofthe record for enemy ships sunk, but won twoPresidential Unit Citations and was possibly themost decorated ship in the Navy.When you read O'Kane's memoir it is easy to see why: this was as fine, highly skilled,and motivated a group of men as ever sailed.Their story is well told here, with a good narrative flow which keeps the action moving and respects the reader enough to expect him to follow closely and attentively. This attention is well rewarded; highly recommended for sub fans and students of naval action in World War II.(The numerical rating above is a default settingwithin Amazon's format. This reviewer does notemploy numerical ratings.
An excellent story about life and warfare in a WWII sub. - Comander O'Kane takes us through his life aboard the U.S.S. Tang from original construction to her untimely and needless destruction in the Gulf of Formosa. O'Kane's love of his ship, his shipmates and the record performances of the Tang are clearly evident in this story. To say that you can not put this one down is an understatement.The puzzeling item here is the calm manner in which O'Kane discusses the poor performance of American made torpodoes during the war. From just duds to killing the sub who brought them, these torpodoes were a constant source of apprehension and even fear amoung crew members. O'Kane's frustration does not really surface in this book or in his first effort about his first sub the U.S.S. Wahoo.To find that two of America's mot successful and famous subs were both sunk by our own poorly performing torpodoes is not only shocking to learn but criminal to know that it lasted almost through out the entire Pacific War.It soon became...