20th Century Dreams

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Dieses Buch hat positives Feedback vom Leser, unten sind hilfreichste Bewertung für Ihre Überlegung :
GREAT book - Even though I think a few people are missing, I really enjoyed watching this phantasmagorical world of famous faces put together in a completely fictional way.I guess it's taken the artist many years of work to achieve something like that.There are about 80 pictures and not one seems to have been neglected! I didn't know the artist Guy Peellaert until I saw the article in Vanity Fair and I must say that his work fascinates me.
I agree - I agree with everyone: this si a truly smart book filled with unexpected and intriguing images. I thought Rock Dreams would remain Guy Peellaert's one masterpiece, but this one is for me even better because it doesn't just deal with the history of Rock, but with the history of the whole century. The 20th century has been the wildest, craziest one ever aand the artist knew how to capture the eseence of the great people of our time!Good job!
W-O-W ! - This controversial book is a gem: you'll rediscover the people that made the 20th century in a way you never expected to see them! The illustrations by Guy Peellaert ar truly fabulous and the texts by english writer Nik Cohn match perfectly with them. A must-have!